The challenges in die attach
Consistency & Reliability in Solder Technology

Solder Paste Thawing & Mixing

Consistent Results is what you needed most to produce a better more reliable product.

The high performance revolutionary concept ensure efficient and reliable mixing.

Special Feature :
Bidirectional spinning for more efficient & fast results.

A Commitment to consistency and reliability
in solder technology

LDT Micro Precision Co., Ltd’s Shaker Array™ solder paste mixer and softener machine can perform three(3) processes simultaneously i.e. thawing, mixing and softening. The whole process can be completed within one hour.

Currently it will take almost 3 to 4 hours just to thaw the frozen solder paste to room temperature and another hour to mix the contents.

A well mixed and softened solder paste is pertinent in ensuring the maximum die bond strength is maintained. It also help to reduce or eliminate any “delamination” issue arising from poor or inconsistent dispensing process especially “voids”.

How it works
Unlike the standard centrifugal concept mixer, the Shaker Array™ utilizes the patented trapezoidal tumbling actions to agitate the contents. The skewed tumbling and alternating action of the contents (solder paste) generated a strong vortex force from within.

The ventilating opening in the rotating cylinders draw air from outside to accelerate the thawing action. Normally it takes about 20-35 mins to complete the thawing process and another less than 20 mins to mix and soften the contents.

1) Applicable to both syringe (3,5, & 10cc) and bottle (250 & 500gm) packaging.
2) Can take up to maximum four(4) syringes and two(2) bottles respectively.
3) Does not generate the silver “peeling effect” or separation as in the centrifugal concept.
4) User friendly and minimum maintenance required. One touch switch operation.
5) Safety features with protective cover and operating interlock switch.
6) Variable speed controller and digital timer incooperated.

Currently , we have two(2) models version available in the market.
1) Standard model with selectable timer and speed adjust controller
2) Digital version with touch screen display.

Equipment & Special Tools

Shaker Array
Fibre Optic Fusion Tool
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