LDT Micro Precision Co., Ltd designs, manufactures and market a wide range of die bonding tools and accessories applicable to most type of die bonders in the market today.

  • Push Up Needles
  • Rubber Collets
  • Hi-Temp Collets
  • Die Collets
  • Dispensing Tools
  • Stamping Tools
Die Bonding Process
Solder Paste Deposition

Our product help customers to improve productivity, reduce cost and most importantly solve process related problems.

As the wafer is getting thinner to less than 50microns, it poses a new challenge to die bonding in avoiding crack or chips. We have done extensive research and introduce the solution tool to minimize the crack die tremendously. Refer to our “Solution tools” for details.

Complex grinding capability to produce high performance tools

Die Bonding

Push Up Needle
Pick Up Tools
Die Collet
Suction Cup
Holder Shank
Needle Cap / Needle Holder
Epoxy Dispensing Tools
Epoxy Stamping Tools