The biggest challenge in WIRE-BONDING
today is COST
We can help.

Your expensive WB wire clamps can be refurbished to its originals condition at a fraction of its original cost.

Our proprietary lapping process(es) ensures excellent result.

We guarantee performance

Machining lapping & polishing
Tesa (Swiss) Surface Roughness Tester
Service & alignment station

Wire Clamp Setting Recommendations:

No.Wire size (dia)
Wire Clamp Opening (gap)
10.8 – 1.0 milsApprox 2.5 mils
21.0 – 1.2 milsApprox 3 – 3.2 mils
3Above 1.5 milsApprox 3.5 – 3.8 mils


  1. The wire clamp gap will affect the sequence timimng thus the looping & FAB conditions
  2. The clamps Parallelism / Flatness is also critical for looping consistency

Cost Down Services

WB Capillary
EFO Gas Tube
WB Wire Clamp