LDT Micro Precision Co., Ltd designs, manufactures and market a wide range of die push up needles. Our micro grain material ensures long life application. The polished spherical tip minimized chip or crack die related problem. Full range of tip configurations are manufacture for various applications. Materials applicable :

  • Tungsten Carbide
  • High Speed Steel SKH-51
  • Music Wire
  • Tungsten
  • Others
Flat Tip
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Product CodeMaterial CodeShank DiameterDimensional SpecificationsOrdering Example
Angle ARadius RLength L
PUNC0.40mm10 deg0.015mm14.30mmPUNC04-10-015-143
PUNH0.70mm15 deg0.250mm17.00mmPUNH-115-250-170
PUNS1.00mm25 deg0.500mm19.05mmPUNS10-25-500-1905

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